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Expression power and processing capability of multimedia contents is ever increasing in conjunction with hardware advances.Multimedia applications are in popular around our life, especially with PC's and TV's. Our research focus is made on the areas of multimedia computing, communications and broadcasting towards rich and intelligent multimedia applications:

Image and Video Coding

  • High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) 

  • 3D Video Coding (Stereoscopic and Multiview Video) 

  • Information-theoretic Distributed Video Coding (DVC) 

  • Scalable Video Coding 

  • H.264 | MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding 

Image Understanding

  • Moving Object Detection and Tracking in Compressed Video Domain 

  • Image/Video Segmentation and Understanding 

  • User Behavior Learning for Smart TV Interaction 

Video Quality Assessments

  • Video Analysis and Modeling for Qulaity Assessment on 2D Video Compressed Domain

  • Visual Fatigue Modeling for 3D Video 

  • Modeling of Visual Quality Assessment on Compressed Stereoscopic Video 

  • Modeling of Visual Quality Assessment on Compressed Multifiew Video 

Visual Communications

  • Error Resilience and Correlation for Visual Communications

  • ROI/xROI based Rate Controls for Video Telephony Communications 

  • Optimization-Theoretic Joint Rate Controls for Hybrid Dual Stereoscoptic Codec 

  • Joint Rate Controls for Multiview Video Codec

Multimedia Systems

  • 4K/8K-UHDTV for Realistic TV Broadcasting

  • 3D-UHDTV

  • Knowedge based Smart TV Interaction

  • Low-power/High Speed Video Codec